Hoop earrings with diamonds

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    Circle earrings with diamonds are the perfect choice to emphasize your uniqueness. The circle is a universal motif that suits many different occasions.

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    The centerpiece of these earrings is the circle, which symbolizes the endless cycle of life, harmony and perfection. The circle is an extremely versatile motif that suits various styles and occasions. It is the simplicity and balance of this design that make the earrings timeless and versatile. The hoop of earrings is decorated with diamonds, which give them extraordinary brilliance and elegance.

    Diamonds are known for their unrivaled brilliance and symbolize eternity. Their subtle flickering on the rim of the earrings attracts attention and gives them extra uniqueness.

    These hoop earrings with diamond hoops are a great addition to any outfit. You can wear them every day to add a delicate glow, or wear them on special occasions to emphasize your elegance and uniqueness.

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    0,40 ct H/Si2 (80 x 0,005 ct)
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    19 mm