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Gold wings necklace with diamonds

Reference: C-ZS-1A
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Golden celebrity in the shape of wings. Wings add elegance to jewelry, additionally wings symbolize freedom and the pursuit of dreams. Diamonds, on the other hand, add brilliance and value thanks to which they will certainly attract more than one glance.



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Made of gold, this celebrity is a symbol of perfection and sophistication. Gold is a timeless material that stands for luxury, wealth and prestige. Its brilliance and durability make the celebrity impress not only with its design, but also with its high quality.

The shape of the wings adds elegance and lightness to the celebrity. Wings symbolize freedom, dreams and striving for heights. It is jewelry that gives you the opportunity to express your soul and dreams by wearing them.

Additionally, the celebrity is studded with diamonds that add to its extraordinary sparkle and sparkle. Diamonds are the highest grade gemstones that are known for their unrivaled brilliance, hardness and time value. The setting with diamonds adds even more value to the celebrity and attracts glances with its dazzling brilliance.

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